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Thursday, 03 December 2015 14:11

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Geographical Review is the scientific and professional journal of the Department of Geography, Faculty of Science, University of Sarajevo and the Geographical Society of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina which inherited the publishing and the role of the former Geographical Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first issue of the Geographical review was published in 1957 and there were issued 35 numbers until 1991. In the period after the independence of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 2015, it has been continued with the release of Geographical Review (Volume 36) with the co-editor of the Department of Geography, Faculty of Science, University of Sarajevo and the Geographical Society of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The publication of 1 to 2 issues of the magazine during the calendar year has been planned by the decision of the Editorial Board of Geographical Review. 


An excerpt from the text of the editor of Geographic Review Volume 1 (1957), prof dr Husein Brkić: 

"... Geographical Society of Bosnia and Hercegovina was established in 1947. On its first jubilee year after ten years of existence, the society appeared with its professional magazine "Geographic Review" in front of the public. 

The Geographical Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as other similar professional organizations has defined, in its rules, their main task - the cultivation and advancement of geographical science. This task has two aspects. Since the geography is a very important general subject in secondary and vocational schools, improving teaching geography implies a very important aspect of growing geographical science, because, in addition to expanding geographical knowledge, it makes a base for resolving personnel issues. 

In the first years of its work, the Geographical Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina started with gathering geography teachers in Sarajevo, then organising lectures, conferences, field trips and various discussions. This form of work is somewhat later transferred to the centers of our subsidiaries in Banja Luka, Mostar and Tuzla. 


By running the scientific and expert journal, the Geographical Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina produces for its members and of course other geographers the possibility of starting scientific and professional treating of a wide range of geographical issues relating primarily to Bosnia and Herzegovina, allowing of course the widest possibilities for publication of papers related to other areas as well as for publishing all kinds of papers that are of general interest to geographical science ... ".


In 2015, the University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Science, Department of Geography and Geographical Society of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, continues to issue the scientific journal called "Geografski pregled". It was created because of a growing need for scientific geographic research on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1954. So far, there have been very few geographical researches in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The creation of this journal is a major contribution to the development of geographic science. The Journal is primarily intended for the presentation of scientific and professional achievements in all fields of geography. 


This is the 36 issue of the Journal, and in the future it will be published periodically in print and electronic form. The Journal will be exchanged in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad, primarily in Europe, but also overseas.   The Faculty of Science and Department of Geography, which financially supports the issuance of “Geografski pregled“, prescribed special Instructions for authors to publish their works. It is an integral part of this Journal. Guidelines are based on international standards and norms pertaining to formatting the text in front publications. It is made based on the "Navodila avtorjem za pripravo člankov v  Geografskem vestniku" in the Republic of Slovenia. 


I thank the authors for coming with their works, reviewers for their maximum engagement as well as members of the editorial board, and we invite everyone to further the cooperation with the aim of increasing the total contribution of geography to the overall science and development of our country.



Sarajevo, March 2015                   

Prof.dr. Rahman Nurković, full professor