1. Introduction

The Department of Geography, at Faculty of Science in Sarajevo and the Association of geographers of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, who support issuance of the journal "Geografski pregled", have issued special instructions on presenting the journal, as a whole, and the articles as its integral parts. Instructions are based on B&H ISBN, made according to international ISO: SIST ISO 4 (Rules for the abbreviation of the title words and titles of publications), SIST ISO 8 (Presentation of periodicals), SIST ISO 215 (Presentation of contributions to articles other serials), SIST ISO 214 (Abstracts for publications and documentation), SIST ISO 18 (Contents list of periodicals), SIST ISO 690 (Bibliographic references - contents, forms and structure), SIST ISO 690-2 (Bibliographic references, 2. part: Electronic documents and their parts), SIST ISO 999 (Contents of publications), SIST ISO 2145 (Numbering of divisions and sub-divisions in written documents) and SIST ISO 5122 (Abstract sheets in serial publications). Faculty of Science of the University in Sarajevo and the Association of Geographers of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina have, at the same time, demanded that periodical scientific journal should be issued only once a year. On the grounds of the request of Faculty of Science at the University in Sarajevo and the Association of Geographers of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Decision of Editorial Board of "Geografski pregled", the below given instructions on preparation of articles for "Geografski pregled" have been created.

2. Orientation of journal

"Geografski pregled" is a scientific journal of the Department of Geography, at Faculty of Science in Sarajevo and the Association of Geographers in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has been intended for presentation of scientific and expert achievements from all fields of geography and related branches. Since 2014, it has been issued once a year in printed and electronic version. Articles, distributed in three sections, respectively columns, are issued in the journal.

These are: Discussions, where, as a rule, original scientific articles are published; Views, in which review scientific articles and expert articles are included, as a rule, and Methods, where the published articles are more explicitly oriented toward presentation of scientific methods and techniques. At the end of the journal, instructions for preparation of articles and other contributions in journal "Geografski pregled" are published.

3.Integral parts of articles

Articles must contain the following parts:

  • Main title of an article, ·
  • Author‘s proposal of columns (author states in which column (Discussions, Views , Methods) wants the article to be published),
  • Author‘ s name and surname,
  • Author‘s education and title (e.g. Dr, MSc, Professor of Geography, or Associate Professor)
  • Author‘s address (e.g. Department of Geography of Faculty of Science at University in Sarajevo: Zmaja od Bosne 33-35, 71 000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina),
  • Author‘s e-mail address,
  • Author‘s phone number,
  • Author‘s fax number,
  • abstract (along with spacing up to 800 characters),
  • key words (up to 8 words),
  • abstract (English translation of article title and Bosnian abstract),

key words (English translation of key words),article (together with spaces up to 30.000 characters for Discussions, respectively up to 20.000 characters for Views and Methods), Summary (English translation of article summary, together with spacing up to 8000 characters). Article has titles of sections and titles of sub-sections designated in ordinals (e.g. 1. Introduction, 1.1. Methodology, and 1.2. Terminology). Division of articles to chapters is obligatory; sub-chapters may be exceptionally used by author. It is desirable that an article has the chapters: Introduction and Conclusion.

4. Citing in an article

When citing quotations in the text, supply the author‘s surname followed by the year of publication, and page number, for example: (Nurković 2014, 11) or (Drešković and Mirić 2008, 12; Černe 1974, 7 and 8).

Entries in chapter Sources and Literature will be written in alphabetical order of authors‘ surnames, and for the same authors classified by years. If there are more references of the same author from the same year, the years are followed by letters (for example: 1999a and 1999b). Each entry is composed of three items. In the first item, before a colon the author and the year of publication are inserted (if there are more authors, they are separated by comma, authors‘ surnames and initial letters of their names are also separated by comma, between the initial letter of the name and the year there is no comma), and are followed by title and eventual subtitle, which are separated by comma.

Several examples (references are used according to Bosnian spelling):

Melik, A. 1955a: Kraška polja Slovenije v pleistocenu. Dela Instituta za geografijo 3. Ljubljana.

Melik, A. 1955b: Nekaj glacioloških opaţanj iz Zgornje Doline. Geografski zbornik 5. Ljubljana

Mihevc, B. 1998: Slovenija na starejših zemljevidih. Geografski atlas Slovenije. Ljubljana.

Natek, K., Natek, M. 1998: Slovenija, Geografska, zgodovinska, pravna, politična, ekonomska kulturna podoba Slovenije. Ljubljana.

Richter, D. 1998: Metamorfne kamnine v okolici Velikega Tinja. Diplomska naloga, Pedagoška fakulteta v Mariboru. Maribor.

Šifrer, M. 1997: Površje v Sloveniji. Elaborat, Geografski institut Antona Melika ZRC SAZU. Ljubljana.

Example: for citing electronic sources

Perko, D. 2000: Sporna in standardizirana imena drţav v slovenskem jeziku. Internet (8.8.2000).

If author is not known, only the following is mentioned:

Internet (8.8.2000).

If more entries from internet are written, a number is added:

Internet 1: (8.8.2000).

Internet 2: (9.9.2000).In the first case, only the author is mentioned among citations, for example: (Černe 2014), in the latter case Internet, for example: (internet 2).


5. Tables and illustrations in article

All tables in article are included in a single numbered series and have their headings. Between a number and a heading a colon is placed. At the end of the heading the full-stop is placed. Example: Table 1: Population numbers in Sarajevo according to single censuses. All illustrations (photographs, maps, diagrams and alike) in the article are included in a single numbered series and have their headings. Between the number and the heading, the colon is placed. At the end of the heading, the fullstop is placed.


Figure 1: Population growth in Sarajevo according to mentioned census.

Figure 2: Source of topographic map in scale 1:25.000, sheet Sarajevo. Width of figures is exactly 134 mm and 64 mm, height up to 200 mm. For graphical illustrations for which authors do not have copyright, permissions for publications must be provided from owners of copyrights. Authors write the name of the figure‘s author.

6. Other contributions in article

Contributions for columns should have, along with spaces, up to 8000 characters. Attachments are provided with figures that have, according to need, subheadings. When presenting publications, together with the attachment heading the following data must be mentioned: place and the year of publication, publisher‘s name and the name of publishing house, number of pages, and if possible number of maps, photographs, figures, tables and alike, while ISBN, respectively ISSN are obligatory . Along with attachments‘ headings, the following data must be mentioned: place, country and date. While reporting on the paper, attachment‘s heading should be followed by the institution name and, if possible, the name of its web page on internet.



7. Additional rules and recommendations

Titles of articles and other attachments should be as short as possible. Footnotes should be avoided by authors. While writing numbers bigger than 9999, for separation of millions and thousands full-stops are used (for example: 12.535 or 1.312.500). When writing the scales for maps, the colon is written without touch, which means with the space before and after the colon (e.g.: 1 : 100.000). Between the numbers and units of measurement there is a space (e.g. 125 m, 33,4 %), between the numbers and an exponent, or index numbers there is no space (e.g. 123, km2 , a., 15° C). Symbols in mathematical calculations are written with the space, except for the parentheses (for example: p = a + c -b - (a + c: b)). Authors must be moderate in using foreign words, and replace them with Bosnian words, if possible, for example: klima/podneblje, karta/zemljovid, vegetacija/rastinje and alike.

8. Receipt of contributions

Authors must submit their contributions in printed (1 abstract) as well as in digital form, recorded in Word programme. Digital record of the written paper should be simple, without complicated forms, justified right margin, separation of words, underlining and similar. Authors should mark only bold and italic

font. Words should be written in small letters (naturally except the initial, capital letters), without unnecessary shortening and abbreviations. Maps should be made in digital vector version in Corel Draw programme, and diagrams in Excel or Corel Draw programmes. Photographs and other graphical attachments authors must submit in a form suitable for scanning, , or in digital raster form with a possibility of only 120 dots per cm, respectively 300 dots per thumb, preferably in TIFF or JPG formats. If authors cannot submit the attachment and graphical attachment prepared in specific programmes, they should previously consult the editor. Authors of articles must attach a copied, filled-in and signed Application Form, along with a statement with which authors confirm that they accept the publishing rules in "Geografski pregled". Application Form compensates for the received letter and author‘s contract. Application Form is also available on internet page of "Geografski pregled" ( Authors must provide a photocopy of written permission for publication obtained from copyright owner. Authors send their attachments to editor‘s address:

Prof.dr. Rahman Nurković, full professor

Zmaja od Bosne 33-35 71 000 Sarajevo

E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone: (0387) 033/723-710

Fax: (0387) 033/659-359


9. Reviewing of articles

Articles for columns: Discussions, Views and Methods are reviewed. The review procedure is confidential. Reviewer receives the article without mentioning the name of article‘s author, the author of article receives a review and the reviewer‘s identity is not released. If a review does not require a correction or revision of article, it is not sent to author, but only notification on acceptance of paper.

10. Copyright

For author‘s paper sent for publishing in "Geografski pregled", all moral copyrights belong to author, material copyrights of reproduction and distribution in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in other countries are free of cost, once forever, for all cases, for unlimited number of copies printed, and for all media are without exception transferred to publisher.

Author takes care of professional translation of abstract, key words and summary of his article, with obligatory mentioning his translator‘s name and surname. If author submits an edited text, proof-reader‘s name and surname should be mentioned. If the text is incomplete in terms of language, editorial staff will return it to author, who will take care of professional proofreading of his text.

If volume of author‟s paper is not in accordance with publishing rules, author satisfies the publisher‟s demand to adjust his paper according to need. Publisher undertakes that all articles with a positive review are published in „Geografski pregled‟ if funds for publishing are provided, according to rules and in accordance with a number of received contributions and an even distribution of contributions in columns.

Author receives 1(one) free copy of publication.